During The Rainy Season, There Is A High Incidence Of Mold, And You May Face Such Problems

Mar 27 , 2023

It is said that the plan of the year lies in the spring. While making a good performance outlook, shoe, clothing, luggage, and other enterprises also need to pay attention to controlling the details of each factory to avoid additional losses caused by negligence. Especially before the rainy season with a high incidence of mold, each enterprise must take mold prevention measures in its business,such as using activated charcoal desiccant, otherwise, mold may become a "army of mold" attacking!

It is no exaggeration to say that mold is a "musty army". The strong infectivity of mold is closely related to its reproductive mode. Mold has a strong reproductive ability, and fragments or segments of mycelium can develop into new individuals as long as they meet suitable conditions. The spores of mold have the characteristics of small, light, dry, numerous, long dormancy period, and strong resistance to stress. Therefore, as long as the conditions are suitable, mold diseases are extremely prone to pandemic.

As the rainy season is approaching, factories can do a good job of mold prevention in advance as follows:

1. Check drainage:

The most important thing is to do a good job in the drainage works of the warehouse. When it rains on the roof, it is necessary to check whether there is any water leakage, and the surrounding drainage should be smooth and whether there is a possibility of water irrigation. Clean up potential drainage hazards in advance.

2. Strictly perform incoming material inspection:

Incoming inspection, also known as warehousing inspection, has always been a problem stricken area. In summer, various types of bacteria and mold reproduce and grow, and under lax control, it is extremely easy to introduce external bacteria and mold, causing cross infection during storage and production processes; It is recommended to conduct bacterial testing on incoming materials before warehousing;

3. Strictly follow the warehouse stacking principles:

① Corresponding stacking measures shall be taken according to the nature of the materials: packaging materials and finished products shall be placed at least 60cm away from the wall, at least 15cm away from the floor, and at least 1m away from the doors and windows, and plastic pads shall be used or placed on the shelves;

② Timely clean up waste packaging materials, moldy and damp packaging materials, and keep the floor clean and tidy; Seal unused packaging materials in a timely manner;

③ Avoid exposure to the air and direct sunlight;

4. Follow up the temperature and humidity of the warehouse in a timely manner

Hang a temperature and humidity meter, which can visually reflect the humidity situation in the warehouse. It is recommended to regularly follow up and record the humidity values in writing. If necessary, use dehumidification equipment in conjunction.

5. Use with anti mold drying products

① The high temperature and humidity that accompany the rainy season can easily cause mold problems. It is recommended that the factory prepare mildew prevention and drying products in advance, and use a certain amount of desiccant to absorb the moisture in the packaging, so that the moisture content of the packaged goods can be reduced to below its allowable moisture content. The lack of moisture in the microbial living environment can cause drying. Under dry conditions, mold cannot reproduce, and the goods will not decay.

② Use volatile anti mold tablets and use the gas generated by their volatilization to directly contact mold microorganisms, achieving the goal of sterilization, inhibiting mold growth, and preventing commodity mildew.

③ Conduct regular sampling inspection for products with long inventory time.

If you are not sure how the factory operates in a standardized manner to prevent mold, you can consult our personnel for details. KOBSO (China) Co., Ltd. is committed to enterprise mold prevention, moisture prevention, and antibacterial work, aiming to provide comprehensive mold prevention solutions for products such as shoes and clothing, luggage, furniture, and gift packaging. Our dedicated team utilizes advanced technologies, including anti mold agents, to mitigate the risks of mold formation due to moisture during storage. This proactive approach helps reduce claims and losses caused by mold, ensuring the integrity and quality of our customers' products. It is an advocate of comprehensive mold prevention solutions.