Port Congestion: Kobso Can Protect Your Products

Feb 01 , 2023

Since February this year, the number of containers shipped to the United States has continued to climb. As of Tuesday, the number of containers detained for more than nine days had more than doubled from February, and ports in the western U.S. were now piling up.

It is understood that the average waiting time of ships calling at the Port of Los Angeles is about 6.1 days, and 25% of the goods are stranded in the terminal yard for more than 9 days. And when cargo is unloaded, empty containers sit in port for a week or more before someone comes to pick them up.

Long shipping times, as well as time spent in port, greatly increases the chances of your goods getting moldy.

Kobso can protect your products

Many company just use Anti-mold sticker or desiccant in the goods box, but, do you know another effect method of protection? Yes, it is to use Kobso container desiccants. These absorb moisture from within the container to prevent condensation and maintain a dry environment, to protect your goods.

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