• anti mold chip
  • anti mold chip

Anti-mold Sticker & Chip

Essential oils extracted from natural plants, safe and efficient, tested for up to 120 days, in line with the EU's environmental protection requirements, widely used in the packaging. It is easy to use,  just put the sticker in the packing box, and close the box immediately. The amount of use depends on the temperature and humidity of the product storage and the space size of the product packaging.

Features of Anti-mold Sticker & Chip

1. The essential oil is contained in the interlayer of the anti-mold sticker which slowly releases the anti-mold factor, and at the same time creates an environment that is not conducive to the growth of mold;

2. It will not have any impact on the appearance and quality of the product;

3. Comply with EU environmental protection requirements, it is safer to use and has no residue.

Specification Of Anti-mold Sticker & Chip

Anti-mold Sticker & Chip5cm*5cm/5cm*3.5cm500pcs/roll

Ingredient of Anti-mold Sticker & Chip

Product nameComposition
Anti-mold Sticker & ChipCalcium carbonatePulp, CellulosePropenoic AcidAllyl isothiocyanate

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