With the increase in exports of footwear, garments, and bags, anti-mold has become more and more important. Safety, environmental friendly, and effectiveness have also become the top priority of anti-mold products. KOBSO also committed to doing better and better in these aspects to provide better anti-mold products and services around the world.

Custom KOBSO Anti-mold Product

Custom KOBSO Anti-mold Product

According to the needs of customers, we can customize the unique logo on the product. If you have needs in it, you can contact our staff. It will takes 7 working days.                                                     

1. Select the product that needs to be customized  

2. Send clear photos                                                            

3. Our staff conduct layout design                                   

4. Layout confirmation                                           

5. Production

Custom KOBSO Anti-mold Product

Advantages of KOBSO Anti-mold Product

  • 01
    10 Years Experiment
    10 Years Anti Mold Experiment

    We have more than 10 years experiment in anti-mold filed, provide 3 billion anti-mold products around the world. Also provide inspection services for more than 1,000 factories.     

  • 02
    Research and Development Center
    anti mold product

    We has a research and development center and production base, and set up agent in many countries.

  • 03
    ISO Certification
    anti mould products ISO Certification

    We has pass the ISO certification and Social Compliance audit. Our products also comply with European standard, CA 65 prop, REACH SVHC and Dmfu.

How Does KOBSO Anti-Mold Product Works

How Does KOBSO Anti-Mold Product Works

The essential oil is contained in the interlayer of the anti-mold product which slowly releases the anti-mold factor, and at the same time creates an environment that is not conducive to the growth of mold, so that the product does not become moldy. It will not have any impact on the appearance and quality of the product. And the essential oils extracted from natural plants, so it is safe and effective. In line with the EU's environmental protection requirements too.

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