• mold prevention packing paper
  • mold prevention packing paper

Mold Prevention Packing Paper

Mold Prevention Packing Paper is waterproof, mildew, and odor-producing wrapping paper, used in leather products, textiles, toys, sports equipment, electronic products. The principle of mechanical puncture to pierce the cell membrane of the mold. The product is safe, no side effects, no risk of discoloration, environmentally friendly, the paper can be completely recycled.

Features of Mold Prevention Packing Paper

1. The mold prevention packing paper has a long-lasting antibacterial effect, and the anti-mold factor is permanently linked on the packaging surface.

2. The size of the mold prevention packing paper can be adjusted according to different product packaging method.

3. It will not cause chemical adaptability (drug resistance) of mold.

Specification Of Mold Prevention Packing Paper

Mold Prevention Packing PaperThe size depend what you need500pcs/bag

Ingredient of Mold Prevention Packing Paper

Product nameComposition
Mold Prevention Packing PaperBenzimidazole fungicideDisinfectantIsothiazolinone

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