Kobso was established in Hong Kong, and its production base is located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. The desiccants we produce have stable and efficient drying effects, and are environmentally friendly. Kobso mainly produce Moisture-proof desiccant, Activated carbon deodorants, Silica gel desiccants, Mineral desiccants, etc.

Advantages of KOBSO Wholesale Desiccant Products

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    Our factory is located in Jinjiang City, which is a famous "shoe city" in China. There are many shoe factories here, so it is very convenient for us to provide products and services for shoe factories in a timely manner.

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    We have a 100,000-level clean production workshop, and our production capacity is also high.

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    Our desiccant all meet the EU standard, has passed the Dmfu free, Reach 223 SVHC, TSCA.

Raw Materials & Packing Material of KOBSO Wholesale Desiccant Products

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    Raw Materials
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    The materials are natural and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and comply with EU and environmental standards.

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    Pakcing Materials
    bulk desiccant for sale

    Use high-quality food grade packaging materials to ensure that the desiccant will not vomit water after absorbing moisture. It also can print various patterns clearly.

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    Sealing Edge
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    The heat sealing technology adopted at the sealing edge ensures the airtightness and beauty of the package.

Custom KOBSO  Wholesale Desiccant Products

Custom KOBSO Wholesale Desiccant Products

According to the needs of customers, we can print the patterns or trademarks you need on the packaging paper of the desiccant. This takes approximately 7 working days. The general process is as follows: 1. Determine which product to customize 2. Provide high-definition pictures to our designer 3. Our company's designer provides a draft picture for your confirmation 4. Print production after confirmation.

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