Kobso degradable product is a product that is designed to break down into smaller components over time and eventually disappear in the environment.  Degradable products are often made from biodegradable materials, such as plant-based plastics, which can be decomposed by microorganisms in the environment.

Advantages of KOBSO Degradable Product

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    Degradable Products

    The process of degradation typically occurs through exposure to natural elements such as sunlight, water, and microorganisms.

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    Biodegradable Items

    The use of degradable products is seen as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional, non-degradable products, as it helps to reduce waste and prevent litter.

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    Biodegradable Products

    In general, these degradable bags will degrade in the presence of microorganisms and damp conditions.

KOBSO Degradable Product Application

KOBSO Degradable Product Application

Degradable products have a wide range of applications, with the primary aim of reducing the environmental impact of waste.  Some common applications include:

Packaging: Degradable packaging materials, such as biodegradable plastics, can help to reduce waste in the environment and prevent litter.

Consumer Goods: Single-use items, such as cutlery, plates, and straws, can be made from degradable materials to reduce waste and litter.

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