Mold Testing

Nov 17 , 2022

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The mold is invisible to the naked eye when it is spore, it will start to grow when the humidity in the space reaches more than 60%. Therefore, our company believes that it is very important to regularly conduct mold tests on shoes after the products are produced, which is helpful for us to detect potential risks as soon as possible and take timely measures.

We focus on leather shoes and canvas shoes. Leather shoes are easy to get mold because of their high humidity and rich in nutrients. And the canvas shoe’s material can easily absorb moisture due to the increase of space humidity, resulting in a rapid increase in its own humidity. Once there are spores, it is very easy to have mold problems.

When visiting the factory, we will sample and test the shoes in the finished shoe warehouse.In principle, we will draw 5 boxes from 20 boxes, and each box will sample 2 pairs. The samples will be brought back to our laboratory, the testing time will be 7 working days. Our company laboratory detected the amount of mold of the samples. This is an important reference for us to determine whether the current mildew prevention measures are in place.

We all know that the production of shoes is a process of multi-party cooperation, and we will provide professional and detailed suggestions in the field of mold prevention. However, due to the multi-party cooperation, there are still occasional omissions. When there is a mold problem, we will assist you in the first time. For the shoes that have not been shipped, our technicians will bring the mold removal products to the factory guide line to clean up and replace the mold prevention products. And on-site sampling, brought back to the laboratory to evaluate the mold removal effect.

For shoes found to be moldy in port, we will provide online mold removal guidance services, and send mold removal products and anti-mold products for replacement by express. Afterwards, we will work with customers and customer factories to record according to our factory inspection report and temperature and humidity data. Analyze the cause of mold and make corrections.


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