• activated carbon desiccant
  • activated carbon desiccant

Activated Carbon Desiccant

The role of activated carbon depends on its own adsorption function, which can effectively adsorb. Hazardous substances and odors floating in the air in a free state. Made of bamboo as raw material, fast adsorption, high adsorption capacity, iodine value can reach more than 1000.

Features of Activated Carbon Desiccant

  • Activated bamboo charcoal has high mechanical strength, developed pore structure, and the specific surface area can reach 2000㎡/g.

  • Dispose of it together with regular ordinary waste after use.

  • It can also be recycled, subject to relevant environmental protection policies.

Specification Of Activated Carbon Desiccant

Activated Carbon Desiccant1g/2g1000pcs/bag

Ingredient of Activated Carbon Desiccant

Product nameComposition
Activated Carbon DesiccantBamboo Carbon

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