• degradable straw
  • degradable straw

Wholesale Degradable Straws

A degradable straw is a type of straw made from materials that break down into smaller pieces or dissolve over time, reducing the risk of plastic pollution. These types of straws can be made from biodegradable materials such as paper, bamboo, or corn starch. The degradation time can vary depending on the specific material and environmental conditions, but generally takes a shorter period than traditional plastic straws.

Features of Degradable Straws Bulk

  • The degardable straw is rather than persist as plastic waste in the environment.

  • Easy to use, and without the bad use.  If you want, our biodegradable straw company also can make independent packaging.

  • Wholesale Degradable Straws reduce the amount of plastic waste that accumulates in the environment and helping to protect wildlife and ecosystems.

Specification Of Degradable Straw

Degradable Straw100mm/200mm/300mm50pcs/bag

Ingredient of Degradable Straw

Product nameComposition
Degradable StrawPlaPbat

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