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Nov 16 , 2022

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In recent years, the anti-mold of shoes, hats and clothing has become a hot topic in the field of foreign trade, especially since September 2013, with the implementation of the EU biocidal regulations, the environmental protection requirements of countries around the world are getting higher and higher, and a large number of toxic anti-mold products have been banned. Statistics show that in recent years, the losses caused by export products have increased rapidly at a rate of 3.6%.

Based on many years of experience in serving the factory, Kobso has developed a grade form to check whether the factory's anti-mold measures are effective. We will make a record of the factory's environment and anti-mold measures, and will eventually get a score with three grades.

◎ The first grade: 0-100 score, need to take immediate action to make changes.

◎ Second grade: 101-159 score, which may develop into a mold problem.

◎ The third grade: 160-200 score, the factory has taken strict steps to avoid mold problems.

There is an indicator for the safe humidity of different materials. When our customer service staff evaluates the anti-mildew measures, we will also conduct humidity testing on the materials in the raw material warehouse and the finished product warehouse, as well as the finished shoes. At last, we will summarize the various data of the factory workshop or warehouse in a report. And we will make suggestions for improvement based on the problems found in the report. At the same time, it is submitted to the factory and the customer. Our customer service department will continue to follow up, assist the factory to rectify the problems what found, to ensure that the rectification measures are in place.

After the factory makes further rectifications, notify our colleagues in the service department of our company, and we will come to visit again. During the visit, all recorded rectification items will be checked one by one, confirmed, and finally the data record table will be updated, and then submitted to the customer.

Our company has installed IOT temperature and humidity sensors in factories that customers have cooperated with for a long time. Our company will set a safe value. If the humidity exceeds the standard, the system will issue an alarm, and we will notify the factory in time so that measures can be taken. And the sensor will record the temperature and humidity changes every month. So that when there is a problem, we can go back to the situation at that time and analyze the cause of the mold.

How to get the service?

1. We will take the initiative to arrange the itinerary of the factory visit according to the production situation of the customer's order.

2. For some types of shoe that customers are particularly worried about, you can contact  and ask us, we will make priority arrangements.

3. If the factory is worried about the mold problem of the materials, you can contact us, and we will go to your company to sample, or you can send the sample to our company's laboratory.

4. Customers who have not cooperated at present can contact our company and submit the application form.