• biodegradable rubbish bags
  • biodegradable rubbish bags

Degradable Rubbish Bag

Degradable Rubbish Bag, also known as biodegradable garbage bags, are made of materials extracted from plants, such as plant starch and corn flour, which do not cause any harm to human body and the environment.

Features of Degradable Rubbish Bag

  • The use of degradable Rubbish Bag can be disposed of in landfills. Over a period of time, the shopping bags can be degraded into biological particles, which are then absorbed by soil.

  • There is a clear degradation mark, or the relevant degradation text description.

  • Strong, heavy bearing, will not easily break.

Specification Of Degradable Rubbish Bag

Degradable Rubbish Bag45cm*50cm20pcs/roll

Ingredient of Degradable Rubbish Bag

Product nameComposition
Degradable Rubbish BagPlaPbat

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